Friday, 18 December 2009

What a load of Bo&&*cks!

Well the manic-ness that was Scraplady is over - but only until next year I hasten to add, work is finished (gotta love the military for having long hols) and I am now on my Christmas leave yippee!

Of course this just means now I have time to get together stuff for the Craft Obsessions crop tomorrow, make a card for my brother to give his girlfriend and all the last minuteness that this time of year inspires so that we have the perfect if disfunctional family Christmas.

This week I have been honoured to be immortalised over on Julia Dunnits blog and so as requested, here are a glimpse of my bo&&*cks, a little rearranged to avoid offending the sensitive.

Sadly since this photo was taken, the B has dropped off and gotten lost. so I now only have ollocks, which isnt really quite the same!

If I don't come back before next weekend, have a great Christmas everyone and a scrappy New Year.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

WOYWW - Just a ribbon or two!

Last weekend I went to the NEC and had a fab time, this weeks WOYWW shows the tanlge of ribbons I bought while I was there. I went hoping to get some Christmassy coloured ribbons since a couple of the cards I've conjured up for the 2SL card Marathon need them, but I seemed to find a lot of others jumping into my bag.
If you squint really hard, the out of focus (hey its meant to be, its called depth of field) in the foreground is one of the cards for the marathon. Its coppery and lovely and I might have to make a few for myself.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Well it was on the table while I took these photos honest! Now its perched on the little shelf over my desk, probably plotting when it will jump off and crown me :-)

All fired up from our Magnetic Year in a Day class over on 2SL I was a little down that I wouldnt get to use said calendar till next year, so I came up with this advent version I can use in December.

The green trees are brads (hiding the magnets) everything else was cut on my trusty Cricut (which after last week I am amazed is still working) the papers are My Minds Eye.

O and the little bag on the side holds the other number trees.


Friday, 30 October 2009

Cute little house

Isnt this cute?

A couple of weeks ago I got the new Cricut Cartridge Winter Woodland, which has a few yummy christmassy things on. Well I got otherwise distracted by a calendar class I am doing tomorrow, and so only got to play with it yesterday evening.

On the cart are a few 3d buildings. You make up the outer in one colour, the liner in another and slot it inside. Well with it being halloween I thought I would just make the outer and line it with tissue paper and put a tea light in.

Well, its very tiny - only about 3" at the longest bit, and so no one is going to see it if I sit it on the windowsill. So, I think a very big piece of card, and the 12x24" mat is called for and I'll try another version for Christmas.

So watch this space....

O and for those of you who are coming to the class, dont worry the car is all packed up!


Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Blimey, I had no idea it was that long since I last blogged, but sure enough its a month! Well I have only one excuse I was really busy doing stuff for 2scrapladies. However I am off work this week and so have a little more time - ah who am I kidding, I am up to my ears in kits and the cricut is red hot, but while it cuts the latest set, I can blog a little.

So as you can see in the photo there is no sign of the desk, but I seem to recall that once apon a time there was one in my office. Aparently there is a nice laminate floor underneath too, but that is currently covered in tiny snippets of paper, green and yellow velvet paper fuzz and glitter from the glitter card. Anyone stopping in here for more than a few minutes also soon becomes dusted in fuzz and glitter.
Still, by the end of the weekend it'll all be over and I'll have to come up with a new excuse for having a small tornado go off in the office!

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

WOYWW - again!

Goodness this week has gone quickly. My desk as you can see is still a mess only this time you may detect a distinctly christmassy feel to it.

The foot is pretty much totally better, thanks to some pretty major antibiotics, some medicinal cake from my friend and a few days off work. Last of the antib's taken tonight and hopefully thats it gone.

Taught my first proper paid class on Saturday, at the notsolocaltomecraftshop - thanks everyone who came, hope you all enjoyed it. I am looking forward to doing some more if I can conjure up stuff I think people will like.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Lots of stuff on my desk at the moment, this is just a smidgeon of it. I have piles for the copic class I am teaching on Saturday. There's cut out and coloured in digi stamps (hopefully for a future class) and scraps, and a load of Cricut carts I need to put away. Basically I need to have a tidy up.

But I think I will sit here, with my foot up (still waiting for RUB to come out with a padded lid) and a cold drink and surf the net for a bit.
Update on the boring entry re: my foot. It was lots worse so I saw the doc today, who was surprisingly lovely. She thinks I have an infection so I have horsepill antibiotics and have to stay off it for the rest of the week - oh what a shame!


Sunday, 20 September 2009


Woke up yesterday morning and my ankle hurt. Didn't think much more of it till half way round the shops when it became painful, which grew as the day went on. I put it down to sitting at the 'puter too late Friday night cos I know I sit with my feet all scrunched up like you're not 'sposed to.

Which brings us to today. I am slathered in ibuprofen gel, the really useful box under the desk is a footstool (a new marketing line for them - cushioned tops - big seller!) and the ankle is worse. Walking at work tomorrow could be interesting!

So I am consoling myself with colouring in samples for my copic class next week and have the following piece of paper in front of me to do a LO for 2SL. I have a bar of choccy to hand, and a glass of juice. So luckily I have no need to try and go anywhere for an hour or two.

Friday, 18 September 2009


I hit the 1000 mark (if you ignore the 11000 that was mysteriously added)!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Scrapping in the dark ages!

I made a LO this weekend, for the notsosecret project I have going on over here, and have used some skeleton leaves!

So what you say?

Well I never used them before. They have been around forever, I've seen a million of them in the shops and gave them a good ignoring cos I just hated the stupid things. Well a friend gave me a couple in a birthday gift swap and they sat on my desk making me feel guilty until this weekend. Not only do they look fab and lovely on the LO, but I am forced to think they may not be as bad as I first thought.

Gosh at this rate I might use eyelets next, now that would be just plain scarey!

If you want to see the offending items, go check out the link above.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Confused and Trying something new!

The two aren't related other than I am blogging about them both!

Since I discovered (thanks to Mrs Dunnit) that I could see how many people looked at my blog rather than commenting on it I have kept a record of how many look each week. Its a bit sad I know, but a little gratifying that some people do appear to look at my blog. Wednesday being WOYWW and so a regular day to post, I also check my number and make a little record. Last Wed I was looking forward to hiting my first thousand soon, today I have aquired 11000 hits! Now I'd like to think that 11000 people have looked in the past few days but I seriously doubt it, so do I have a weird stalker who has just been viewing my blog continuously this week or is there an error or??? Answers on a postcard please.
And now the new. In an effort to find new and exciting ways to tempt the ladies who are signing up for 2SL I tried a technique which is new to me. Stitching. I like it, and given my vaguely obsessive nature with new techniques and things (cast your minds or viewers back to the alliums) I just might be doing bit more in the future.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Sparkly WOYWW

I am a sucker for many of the latest trends in scrapbooking. Sadly many of them are little used or not as often as would make their cost worthwhile . The Xyron printer thingy for example sits in its squashed frog coloured bag, unused and pretty much unloved, its cost a faint memory on my melted credit card.

However, this weeks new must-have (for me anyway) is a mere fraction of the price of the above and I think will feature heavily in my Christmas cards, and in the project for 2 scrapladies if I can (but don't hold me to it).

It is a limited edition glimmer mist, and while its predecessors didnt do anything for me, this one is just gorgeous. Its called marshmallow (no its not white and puffy) and is the sparkly loveliness I wanted the other colours in the series to be.

The piccie above was done on a scrap of black card. I made a mask cut to resemble mountains and sprayed the glimmer mist on. It did go a little splodgy but hey it was my first go. I then took off the mask and hey presto! Then I cut the moon from the sparkliest bit of the mask and stuck it on. In future I think I will spray in a box of something though, the rest of the desk was a little sparkly afterwards.


Sunday, 30 August 2009

My bad!

My bad!
I hate that phrase and it seems at least at work to be the in way of saying I made a mistake, my fault etc. Now I am no stickler for perfect English but this is just ridiculous! However, I seem to be having a weekend of it, ms brain has left the stage folks.

It culminated Friday night, when having dragged a dear friend from his family and tv to help me get a 6 ft dvd rack into the house and upstairs, I sent him on his way and remembered it had been his birthday earlier in the week. I am horrified with myself. I have NEVER forgotten one of my friends birthdays, let alone one I consider more family than friend.

So Phil, I'm sorry, and here's your card.

The only tiniest excuse I may have is that I have been just the tiniest bit excited/distracted/busy/ getting ready to post over here .

Have a great bank hol weekend.

PS. For those who like the details. The white half of the card is actually the white bazzill with laminated white birds on (the scan doesnt show them). The birdcage is american crafts and the birdie itself is cut from the Home Decor Cricut cart using black velvet card over a shadow of some scrap fo green I had. The orange is ribbon over the join in the card.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

WOYWW - not strictly true

Its been on my worktable all week, but the photo was taken round Mrs Dunnits, so its not strictly OMW!

I love this paper its all pink and lovely and if you add some glitter card and stickles its sparkly too - how girly can you get? Although its a Christmassy paper the project isnt. Thats all I have to say about that right now, but more will be revealed - I promise.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

WOYWW - a mess!

My desk is a mess this week so you only get to see a bit of it! I've been asked to do a class using Copic markers, at the notsolocaltomecraftshop, and I have been working on some samples.

There result is there are bits of card and stamps everywhere. I know it will come as a bit of a shock to those who know me, but some of the stamps have not been cleaned yet .


Sunday, 16 August 2009


I've been out a lot of the weekend, and spent the rest working on some projects I cant show you, hence the lack of a more creative post! I came home to find an email from the lovely Angie directing me to her blog, where I find she has given me an award. My first ever blog award!

How sweet. Thanks so much hun.

In return I have to pass it on, and so I give it to the following:

Juliadunnit - Love her stuff, and her blogs always make me laugh or think and she's my scrappy mate.
Tracy Gough - cos her work is just fab!
Carmen - I love her work too.


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

WOYWW? Just bits n bobs.

Nothing much on the desk this week.

Since the flower making session with the twins at the weekend I've just been fiddling with paper and copic markers.

The pink flower with a stem was one I made with the kids, I coloured it with copics and tried making a bud to go with it which isnt quite right yet. The stem is felt ric rac.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Info on flowers

For those that asked...

All the flowers on the blog - the roses, the lillies and the anemonies (the curly flat ones) are made using the 6 petalled flower , cut from the Accent Essentials Cricut cart. Its on page 55 of the booklet. I guess you could use a punch like the woodware ones, so long as the petals are long enough they would work.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Everyone's Doing Flowers!

Such concentration!
We had visitors today, my sister, her DH and the kids came round and have only just gone home. So I didnt have a very productive afternoon craft wise.

On the other hand, the twins did. They came up to the scraphovel for an hour or so and happily had a go at making their own paper flowers. I was mean and wouldnt let them use my inks or copics to colour the flowers, making them do it the old fashioned way with pencils. As you can see though they turned out really well. I promise you there was very little help in the curling from me. All I did was put the glue on the back of the flowers so they could stick them together and blob the stickles on L's (so we didnt end up with stickles everywhere), M opted for a star sticker in the centre of his and a stick for a stalk.

I also got them them to pose for some photos since I didnt get them on their birthday last week. We had some fun and I got some cute photos vaguely similar to the one in the LO from last week, except M moves faster now to get away!

They are growing up too fast.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


To misquote a certain US cartoon character "mmmm Copics". As you can see I have been tempted and succumbed to the latest thing to hit the notsolocaltome craft store in Tidworth. Copic markers!

Had a little play to see what the differences are between these and Promarkers (which I may have had one or two of). Mainly, the nib of the smaller end of the Copics is more like a brush and there are waaay more colours, the pens themselves are thinner too, and aparently you can refill them.

The dragon piccie on the card above was a download from Dustin Pike who does the most fab cartoons just great for kids cards. The little girl sticking out underneath is a magnolia or something like that I got in a swap.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Its scrapday!

Today I met my friends at the Ludgershall Crop. There arent many of us but we always have a good time, nattering, eating cake and sometimes chips, oh and scrapbooking too.

This is a LO I did today. The photo is of my Nephew and Neice on their birthday last year (they're twins). I try and get a photo of the kids each year around their birthday but this year they were on holiday so it'll have to be done in a week or two. Anyway back to the LO. he strips are all off the same peice of paper which was a Fancy Pants one, but I dont remember which. The red with green spots is some ribbon, and the stars, x's, and splat, dots and hearts are all stickles and smooch paint.
I cant take credit for it, it came from a fab magazine full of sketches and photos of gorgeous LOs done by other people. Its called Scrapbooks etc. Page Planner, I think its Canadian.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

WOYWW - again

Gosh Wednesdays come round quickly.

Here is the snapshot of my life last night, I was really busy! I had 2 birthday cards to make for a colleague who had of course asked for them weeks ago and I forgot. I also had to download and sort out and print 100 piccies from a photoshoot I did (that sounds so pretentious) yesterday for another colleagues retirement celebrations. On top of that my computer decided to play up. It wasnt a good day really.

Luckily the PC is ok for now. The birthday cards turned out ok, the retirement stuff was fab, but I cant show that sorry, and I have Friday off so tomorrows the last day of work.


Sunday, 26 July 2009

More Alliums

So, the little canvases didnt work for me, thats official. I brought more on Friday on a quick (ha who am kidding) trip to the notsolocal craft shop but they will wait for another day.

As I really wanted that gorgous allium cricut cut on my wall, I decided to go large and do a huge one. So I cut a 9" one from grey bazzill (then had to help release it by going round it with a knife - major PITA). Then I stuck that to a sheet of white embossed Bazzill (you cant really tell in the piccie but its the one with the little flowers all over) that I had cut with a scalloped edge. Then stuck that to a sheet of black swiss dot bazzill which was finally stuck to the remains of the white Bazzill to give just a thin edge showing.

I love it, its just what I wanted, and it looks great on the bare wall over the computer monitor.


Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Not much on my desk this week, I haven't crafted since the weekend. I had dinner out with a group of crafty friends last night and the baggie of goodies on my desk is a pressie from one of them. We do a dinner and birthday pressie exchange once a month except because we all love getting presents we all have a present each month!

The lovely baggie has some BG Wisteria papers in some gems and a bottle of 'Smooch'. I haven't seen it before, so I am going to have to have a look for some ideas of what you do with it.
Oh yes, a couple of snacks seem to have snuck in the picture too. I dont know how they got there, they arent mine, honest!


Saturday, 18 July 2009

Canvas updates and more flowers

Well the canvases didnt quite work out as nicely as I had them pictured in my head, but see for yourselves. If I did them again, I would use thinner paper for the cut out and use a grey or black ink for the stamped background. You cant see but the paintbrush kind of shed a bit too so I would do something about that! I dont like the glossy finish on the varnish either, but thats just me.

On the other hand I am really pleased with my new flower. Its supposed to be an anemone and was made using 5 layers of Accent24s flower from the Accent Essentials Cricut cart. Cut 3 layers in one size (I did 2") and 2 layers in a smaller size (I did 1.5"). Snip each petal into three and curl them all. Then stick them all together with the smallest ones on top. Then blob a large circle of Stickles or glitter glue in the middle. The white one is just plain white card, the purple one was coloured with promarkers.

The card was made using one of the anemones I had made and a smaller version, the stalk was a piece of green cane I had that I cut to size. The leaves are just leaf shapes folded in half to give a little dimension and glued at one end. The backing paper is a piece of very old Basic Grey I think which is inked all round the edge in lavender chalk ink.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

WOYWW - again

Wow Wednesdays come round quickly don't they? I like Wednesday firstly its the middle of the week and so workwise its all downhill now to the weekend, and secondly I have an excuse to blog cos its WOYWW!

So here s my desk as it is tonight at nearly 7pm. The mini canvases I mentioned last night are gessoed (still not right) and I have stamped a piece of tissue paper then crumpled it and stuck it on with modge podge. The Cricut is cutting the aliums for them and I feel another 3d-ish cricut flower coming on.

Watch this space....

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

One cart so many possibilities...

As you can see I am just loving Lyrical Letters. Still just a little bit obsessed with the Alium cut, and made a few cards with it over the weekend. The two dark turquoise ones were orders for people at work, hope they like them.

I spent a fun afternoon today with Mrs Dunnit and she gave me two little 4" square canvases which I have just guessod (that doesnt look right) and am going to decorate in black and white to go with the decor in the scraphovel. I think they might have an Alium stuck on them too!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Yay! Lyrical Letters arrived!

My new Lyrical Letters cart arrived the other day. It is every bit as gorgeous as I thought it would be and I have been having fun cutting and sticking and generally seeing whats what on it.

At the moment I think my favourite cut is the spring connected shift option which gives you a lovely alim type flower and its companion frame connected shift whcih gives you a kind of three quarters of an alium flower inside a frame.

So, this weeks little project was done using the 'spring connected shift' kind of alium. First I cut one at 4" I used this as a mask and held it down while I wiped over it with my versamark pad. Then I removed the mask and heat embossed it with clear embossing powder. Then I cut another flower in the same card and style but at 3" and stuck it on top of the heat embossed one.

Finally I mounted them on to first some dark brown distressed card I had (probably a very old basic grey but who knows) and some swiss dot bazzill.

I love aliums, they are my favourite flower so I will be making more of these.


Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Its WOYWW! Now you can see that sometimes I do completely trash my workdesk. This was taken last night after I finished playing with a not-so-little project mrs dunnit and I are working on.

I just need to thank everyone for the lovely comments about the lillies. I was surprised to get so many so quickly. I'll have to see if I can think up any more variations. If you look at the piccie really carefully - ok with a magnifying glass - you can just see a pile of flowers under my monitor ready to squiggle into other flowers.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

More flowers!

Still not bored with these. When I was making the roses I kept thinking how if I just used 2 layers of petals it would look like a lilly - maybe.

Well it does! Well I think so.

Cut 2 of the flowers (accent24s) on the Accent Essentials cricut cart. Use coloured card, or ink a white one if you want (I did one plain one inked pink).
Cut one petal out on one flower, and two petals out on the second flower and stick them (as per Marias blog in the entry below).
Use a cocktail stick or something similar to curl the petals over.
Put some glue inside the larger petal and stick the smaller one inside (no need to trim any off the bottom of the lillies).
Now, cut some really fine shreds of card (quite thick card is good, and the thinner you can cut it the better it will work) for the stamens. Gently curl the stamens.
Make a pool of glue inside the lilly and allow it to partially set before inserting the stamens and allowing it to dry.
Using stickles or something similar make blobs on the end of the stamens. If you want quite large blobs you may need to reapply the glue more than once.

Have fun!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Roses update

The flower I used was Accent24s (thats s for shadow otherwise you get a hole in the middle) from the Accent Essentials Cricut cart. Basically I think any 6 petalled die would work so long as the petals aren't too long.

Have fun!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Thanks for all your comments about the little grungepaper rose I made at a crop a week or two ago. I wsh I could take all the credit but I cant, they were made based on the instructions by Maria on her fab blog

I played with them some more, and thought I would share these paper versions. I dont have the punch we used at the crop, so I had a go using my cricut and found one of the flowers on Accent Essentials worked just fine. Its not quite a symmetrical flower but that adds to the charm of the roses it creates I think, after all roses arent perfectly symmetrical are they?

These were done using plain white 80 or 100gsm printer paper. The pink one was just inked round the edges. The pale orange one was lightly inked all over, then stamped with a darker orange script stamp and also inked round the edges. They also feature in the photos I used to make my new banner.

Sunday, 28 June 2009


I made a header! Only I did it pale and it definately didnt go with the old dark blue blog background. So now we have a nice bright white background, which will show up the piccies nicely and goes with the new header.
Hope you like it!

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Card marathon day

Today was a bit of a card marathon. A friend at work asked me to make 3 first birthday cards, a new baby and a christening card. My Circut has had to go and lie down now, he is worn out :-)

Above is a piccie of the baby card and two of the birthday cards, the third was the same but different boys name. I liked the idea when I was cutting them, but I'm not sure they worked with the busy background paper.

The 'One' strip was cut with the Graphically Speaking cart, and the names cut with the George cart. The baby card was designed in Design Studio. The frame round the outside is from Wild Cards, the Welcome Baby and heart are from Calligraphy Collection and the name was made using the font in Calligraphy, it was all welded together. I cut another heart from and different piece of card and layered it onto the base.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Happy WOYWW!

I like WOYWW, firstly one of my best scrapmates invented it and she always comes up with cool stuff, and secondly it encourages me to blog and check out other peoples blogs at least once a week - and more often as you can see lately.

So, here is my desk tonight, after work and tea are over. The cardstock you can see peeking out of the the cricut mat is a project I am currently working on. I havent gotten any further tonight cos I need to re-glue my mat, I just tried a cut and the machine shredded it into confetti as the mat wasnt sticky enough.

On the left is my lovely new bag which has a pretty grungepaper rose on it that was the make and take at Crop Obsessions monthly Saturday crop, last weekend. I inked mine to match my bag but some of the girls there made theirs more realistic and there were some beautiful examples. Here's a closer up piccie of it.
Off now to see if my re-glued mat is dry and ready to cut with.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

From One Cricut Cut...

I wanted to cut some little fleur de Lys things from the Home Decor cart, and decided a whole sheet of them might be a nice idea sinceI had grand ideas of lots of FdL cards. I ran a piece of 12x12 Bazzill through my cricut set on 'Fill Page'.

Having cut my sheet full, I carefully peeled the waste off the cricut backing sheet, thinking what a nice stencil it would make. I put the little cuts aside for the time being and thought I'd have a go with using the waste as a stencil. I trimmed just 3 holes off the stencil and positioned it on some black bazzill and coloured it with an chalk ink pad. Then I repositioned it and continued till I had filled my piece of card. You could use repo glue of some sort, I just held it down. So long as you dab the colour on and do not rub it didnt go under the edges.

Later I trimmed a piece off the rest of the stencil and stuck it to some silver DCWV card I had. Then in the gaps between the holes I stuck some of the die cut FdLs.

Finally, I stuck more of the die cuts on to another piece of silver card.

All of them were decorated with stick on gems, and I got three different kinds of card toppers from one run through the cricut. I made mine into Fathers Day Cards.


Wednesday, 17 June 2009

WOYWT Wednesday

My friend Julia Dunnit has started Whats on your Work Table Wednesdays, so here is my worktable this evening as I got in from work.

There's not much work at the moment, I suspect it'll be much less tidy later, but I know if I dont post now I'll miss the moment.

So, on the table tonight we have a bear stamp card topper that I coloured with Promarkers last night, ready for a wedding card for a friend at work. A pink enevelope with my sisters MP3 player in that she got me to put music on for her - she is a complete non-techie. Some cards I made incl a Fathers Day one - not for my Dad though, some left over die cuts - more about those and the cards later in the week, and lastly and most importantly a couple of choccie biccies!


Sunday, 14 June 2009

A Flock of Birds

A row of pretty bird cards sitting on my desk, all the same, but slightly different!

The background cards were made up of 3 Bugs in a Rug 'Happy Birday Paper', which is double sided - the spotty paper is the reverse side of the bird paper. I put rub on stitching over the seams between the paper strips. The little bird design was made in Design Studio using Home Decor and Plantin School Book carts. I cut it in white card and inked it and then inked round the edge of each card to match.

Inside I used the 'Its Your Day' cut from the Celebrations cart and again inked it to match the outside. A flock of simple little cards, which thriftily used up some scraps.

See how much I can achieve when the internet is down nearly all day?!


Tuesday, 26 May 2009

What A Week!

I'm sorry I haven posted for ages, no excuse just nothing of interest to say. This past week however.....

Last Tuesday was my birthday. I took the day off work, and my brother took me to Ikea where we got the little picture ledges I had hankered after to finish off my office refurb. He then spent the rest of the day drilling holes in our walls, since I wanted 2 of the ledges on an exterior wall. Several hours and drill bits later, I think you will agree it was worth it.

Wednesday was eldest Neices birthday and as she was turning into a teenager this was a bit of an occassion for her. For me however, it was overshadowed by announcements of the new astronauts for the European Space Agency. A couple of colleagues applied for this last May, and on Wednesday lunchtime it was confirmed that Tim Peake had been selected. Needless to say everyone at work was hugely pleased, excited and proud of him.

Thursday night was a sqn dinner, and incidentally Tim's leaving dinner - along with two other pilots who leave shortly. At one point we didnt know if he would make it back in time, since he was still doing interviews that morning, but he did and a good time was had by all.

Friday - a day off work, and I met up with Mrs Dunnit for lunch and plotting of crafty things hopefully to come.

Saturday - one of my monthly crops, a fab day out, even got some LO's done.

Sunday - 2nd best day of the week. My friends took me to see John Barrowman at the POrtsmouth Guildhall. OMG this man is an all round entertainer. What a fab show. Seeing lots of other camera flashes going off I got my camera out and took one or two photos (ok rather a lot more than that). Then when I was about leave I got stopped and asked for my camera. The chap wanted to look at them to check there was nothing 'dodgy' (not sure what show he thought was on) or anything I could sell. Having assured himself I wasnt paparazzi, he let me go with my memory card intact.
So if you want to take pix at the Portsmouth Guildhall, dont take a great big SLR.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

I have had a bit of a post-redecoration clearout. Here are a list of stamps I have for sale and piccies so you can see them. Prices include p&p. If you are interested in any please pm me via UKS I may not get emails from this blog.

Angel Anya (new, unused) - £5 SOLD
Unmounted Dragonfly (lightly stained) - £1.20 SOLD
Paw Prints (lightly used some staining)- £1.20
Party! (new unused)- £1.20
Party Hat and food (new unused) - £1.20
Flower Vase (lightly used some staining)- £1.50

Technique Tuesday Borderline - Notions (lightly used may be some staining) £4.50

Blonde Moments Festive Fancies background stamps (used once some staining) - £6.00

From the top:
Art Warehouse: Harlequin Small (as new, unopened) - £10
Art Warehouse: Memories Interactive Circles Small (opened but unused) - £5 SOLD
Art Warehouse Memories strips (not actually sure thats what they are called. 2 stamps stained, 2 stamps unused) - £5 SOLD
Art Warehouse: Memories Interactive Circles Large (2 stamps used and stained, the rest unused) - £10 SOLD

Impression Obsession Wordplay - Squares (2 squares stained, the rest unused) - £5.00 SOLD

Dovercraft Smirk Series - Sweetheart (unused as new) - £2.50

Funstamps 'Nature's Paintbrush' (as new unused) - £4.50

Top Left - Studio G alphabet series 1 (unused as new) £2.00
Bottom Left - Inkadinkadoo 'Art Tiles' stamp (lightly used, lightly stained) £5.00 SOLD
Right - Inkadinkadoo 'Winged Post' collage stamp (lightly used, staining to the wood surround) £6.00