Thursday, 29 April 2010

WOYWW - late again!

My computer hates me, its official. Pretty much every time there is a cyber crop on UKS, and every Wednesday the damn thing decides its not going to connect to the internet, or stay connected long enough to do anything.

Fortunately thanks to Mr Apple, I can surf on my Iphone, but its too fiddly to type blogs, I can't post piccies and Mr Odeon wont let me book cinema tickets (another sure sign the pc hates me).

Anyway its working tonight, so here a little late is my WOYWW. A couple of piccies and a valuable lesson learned.

First up - when you are using alcohol inks, make sure you:
a) put the lids on straight away and in the event you dont
b) have some rubbing alcohol or surgical spirits to clean your desk with when you spill it and
c) check up your arms for any blobs and dont wait till someone points it out at work next day!

Finally, here are some hat themed cards I made using a set of 4 quatro stamps and a background stamp from hero arts. You cant see very well but the ladies are embellished with tiny stick on gem and a paper rose.


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

WOYWTW - not much!

A distinct lack of work on the table this week. Though as this is the area I have been reduced to working in, its just as well - I need to tidy BADLY!

So this evening, on the conveyor belt we have, a nice pair of stamps borrowed from the lovely Mrs Dunnit, when I had lunch with her today, and a long strip of card painted with various ratios of water:PVA glue.

Over here is a different view, one you dont normally see - the other end of the Scraphovel. Here stands, my Ikea Expedit, and another Ikea unit that hold my books, my tools, and all sorts of bits and bobs, along with a drawer each for my sisters kids to rummage in when they come over.

Work has been weird this week. I work on an airfield so we have had no flying going on (and still dont tho it seems everyone else is), but there have been long lunches and early finishes all of which have completely wiped out any time in lieu I had built up. Still at least I'm not stuck somewhere at the end of a holiday or on business, with no money left and an unexpected hotel bill to add on.

The dairy free diet is going ok. The rice dream is quite nice, if REALLY sweet on cereal, however I have failed a bit since I have had cheese twice and some chocolate. O well I'll try harder next week.


Sunday, 18 April 2010

A yummy, smelly fab weekend

Yummy - cos I have Krispy Kreme Donuts and pretty cupcakes and I had Cannolli's for the first time in oh at least 5 years.
Smelly - cos I got some goodies from Lush and also from BPAL

For the uninitiated:

Lush - a fab shop selling gorgeous smelly bath stuff and some cosmetic type stuff too, they have a range of shops and also mail order.
BPAL - Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs - sell collections of perfumed oils.
Krispy Kreme Donuts - An American chain that sell the most lovely donuts - especially the chocolate cake one!
Cannollis - Pastry tubes filled with creamy filling or nutella-type-stuff. The tubes are fried and so crispy and melty and lovely - I cant really describe them, go do a google and see.

Thanks to the volcano and ban on flying I got off work early Friday and popped into the French market in town on the way home, were I found the cannollis - happy bunny!
Then yesterday I spent the day out with one of my best friends, which we hardly ever get to do. In Southampton we got too many nice cakes as along with the donut shop we found a very pretty cupcake stand, and stuff from Lush. Back at her house, she had some new perfumed oils from BPAL so we spent the evening sniffing those and then she kindly sent (scent:-D) me home with some.

So my desk is scattered with crumbs and my office smells lovely.

Note: Don't sniff bath bombs too hard, they are powdery and it hurts when it goes up your nose.
I wonder how diary free Krispy Kremes are!


Thursday, 15 April 2010

WOYWW - in the right place at last!

Hooray it let me post pics this week!

This is my desk earlier this evening. Pretty much as I had it last week but theres a nice card in front of the clock instead of the pretty packet of ink pads. They have been long opened, added to and in fact I used one of the new colours I bought to make this card.

There's my pie phone (as its been nicknamed) being charged - goodness the battery life on them is rubbish but i still love it, and the usual pile of stamps, ink pads, glue runners and other tools on the left.

Here's a close up of the card above. Its based on a christmas card scraplady Julia made for the christmas card marathon last year, using a spray stamp - hopefully she can clarify its name cos I cant tell which is the name and which the maker from mine. It has some gems and dew drops stuck on it and its attached to the base card (Crate Paper) with a piece of ribbon. I used Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Broken China.

The other card is made using a photo of the Arc de Triomphe that I took a few years back. I posterised it and made it black and white and probably tweaked the brightness in photoshop. Then I printed it on cream card and smudged some chalk inks on it. I triple mounted it on some lemon, orange and lime card. The background was made using a french text stamp which I randomly inked so some parts are darker and more solidly stamped than others. Then I smudged just a little ink over that too, and finally stuck the mounted image on and inked round the edge.

I love both these cards, and think I might be turning out lots more like them.

On a non crafty note, think of me this week (and for as long as I can last) as I start on a nearly dairy free diet. I say nearly cos I just can't not eat butter on bread, but since I only have it about once a week I recon that might be ok, and I cant decide if eggs count or not. Its the daily yoghourts, milk on cereal etc I'll miss. So tomorrow morning I shall start the day with a bowl of cereal and terribly sweet but quite palatable rice milk. Of course in the meantime I just have to finish this big bar of chocolate cos it would be a waste to throw it away.

O dont worry its purely a mild intolerance thing that I am trying this out on. No weight will be lost in the taking of this diet, and nothing terrible will happen if I cant put up with it.

Have a fun and crafty week!

PS Obviously the thought of this diet or the overdose of chocolate made me post this on the 2SL blog instead! Sorry!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

WOYWW - a day late

So this is my desk tonight, cos yesterday I was just too tired to post when I got in from work, and did what I had to do and then had an early night.

The story behind this was that some of the girls I scrap with and I meet monthly for dinner and a gift exchange. This month we decided to have fish and chips at one of our houses for a change. Well the fish and chips were good, the company even better, and some of us didnt leave until 1230, get home before 1.15 and in bed and unconscious shortly after. The alarm clock yesterday morning came waaay too early - and so the early night.

So this is my desktop tonight. I've taken the piccie further round to the left so you see the mess that is the pile of ink pads, glue runners, pens and stuff that normally lives just to hand. You can also see my clockhouse project, and in the forefront my gift from Tuesday night - 2 Tim Holtz distress ink pads in lovely purples - yum!

O and I gaveup trying to download the piccie, I'll try again tomorrow but it wont co-operate just now!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Crafty Easter!

Hope you are all having a nice Easter break.

I had a good weekend, lots of eating out, going to the cinema and I still squeezed in a goodly amount of crafting too - and yes I even did a little housework, so I dont need to feel too bad.:-)

I stocked up on half a dozen new copic pens, finally got the warm greys that I have been after a while. I also played with another version of the 2 scrapladies project which you can see on that blog. I really like this version, I think it will be the one I keep as the previous vintage one will probably go to my sister.