Sunday, 30 August 2009

My bad!

My bad!
I hate that phrase and it seems at least at work to be the in way of saying I made a mistake, my fault etc. Now I am no stickler for perfect English but this is just ridiculous! However, I seem to be having a weekend of it, ms brain has left the stage folks.

It culminated Friday night, when having dragged a dear friend from his family and tv to help me get a 6 ft dvd rack into the house and upstairs, I sent him on his way and remembered it had been his birthday earlier in the week. I am horrified with myself. I have NEVER forgotten one of my friends birthdays, let alone one I consider more family than friend.

So Phil, I'm sorry, and here's your card.

The only tiniest excuse I may have is that I have been just the tiniest bit excited/distracted/busy/ getting ready to post over here .

Have a great bank hol weekend.

PS. For those who like the details. The white half of the card is actually the white bazzill with laminated white birds on (the scan doesnt show them). The birdcage is american crafts and the birdie itself is cut from the Home Decor Cricut cart using black velvet card over a shadow of some scrap fo green I had. The orange is ribbon over the join in the card.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

WOYWW - not strictly true

Its been on my worktable all week, but the photo was taken round Mrs Dunnits, so its not strictly OMW!

I love this paper its all pink and lovely and if you add some glitter card and stickles its sparkly too - how girly can you get? Although its a Christmassy paper the project isnt. Thats all I have to say about that right now, but more will be revealed - I promise.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

WOYWW - a mess!

My desk is a mess this week so you only get to see a bit of it! I've been asked to do a class using Copic markers, at the notsolocaltomecraftshop, and I have been working on some samples.

There result is there are bits of card and stamps everywhere. I know it will come as a bit of a shock to those who know me, but some of the stamps have not been cleaned yet .


Sunday, 16 August 2009


I've been out a lot of the weekend, and spent the rest working on some projects I cant show you, hence the lack of a more creative post! I came home to find an email from the lovely Angie directing me to her blog, where I find she has given me an award. My first ever blog award!

How sweet. Thanks so much hun.

In return I have to pass it on, and so I give it to the following:

Juliadunnit - Love her stuff, and her blogs always make me laugh or think and she's my scrappy mate.
Tracy Gough - cos her work is just fab!
Carmen - I love her work too.


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

WOYWW? Just bits n bobs.

Nothing much on the desk this week.

Since the flower making session with the twins at the weekend I've just been fiddling with paper and copic markers.

The pink flower with a stem was one I made with the kids, I coloured it with copics and tried making a bud to go with it which isnt quite right yet. The stem is felt ric rac.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Info on flowers

For those that asked...

All the flowers on the blog - the roses, the lillies and the anemonies (the curly flat ones) are made using the 6 petalled flower , cut from the Accent Essentials Cricut cart. Its on page 55 of the booklet. I guess you could use a punch like the woodware ones, so long as the petals are long enough they would work.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Everyone's Doing Flowers!

Such concentration!
We had visitors today, my sister, her DH and the kids came round and have only just gone home. So I didnt have a very productive afternoon craft wise.

On the other hand, the twins did. They came up to the scraphovel for an hour or so and happily had a go at making their own paper flowers. I was mean and wouldnt let them use my inks or copics to colour the flowers, making them do it the old fashioned way with pencils. As you can see though they turned out really well. I promise you there was very little help in the curling from me. All I did was put the glue on the back of the flowers so they could stick them together and blob the stickles on L's (so we didnt end up with stickles everywhere), M opted for a star sticker in the centre of his and a stick for a stalk.

I also got them them to pose for some photos since I didnt get them on their birthday last week. We had some fun and I got some cute photos vaguely similar to the one in the LO from last week, except M moves faster now to get away!

They are growing up too fast.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


To misquote a certain US cartoon character "mmmm Copics". As you can see I have been tempted and succumbed to the latest thing to hit the notsolocaltome craft store in Tidworth. Copic markers!

Had a little play to see what the differences are between these and Promarkers (which I may have had one or two of). Mainly, the nib of the smaller end of the Copics is more like a brush and there are waaay more colours, the pens themselves are thinner too, and aparently you can refill them.

The dragon piccie on the card above was a download from Dustin Pike who does the most fab cartoons just great for kids cards. The little girl sticking out underneath is a magnolia or something like that I got in a swap.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Its scrapday!

Today I met my friends at the Ludgershall Crop. There arent many of us but we always have a good time, nattering, eating cake and sometimes chips, oh and scrapbooking too.

This is a LO I did today. The photo is of my Nephew and Neice on their birthday last year (they're twins). I try and get a photo of the kids each year around their birthday but this year they were on holiday so it'll have to be done in a week or two. Anyway back to the LO. he strips are all off the same peice of paper which was a Fancy Pants one, but I dont remember which. The red with green spots is some ribbon, and the stars, x's, and splat, dots and hearts are all stickles and smooch paint.
I cant take credit for it, it came from a fab magazine full of sketches and photos of gorgeous LOs done by other people. Its called Scrapbooks etc. Page Planner, I think its Canadian.

Have a nice weekend everyone!