Saturday, 23 January 2010

Dear diary

I had to buy a new diary today. I dont usually bother, but I know my lack of such an item bothers the other Scraplady, and I did double book myself one Saturday when I'd rather not - so diary keeping it is.

So I ventured into the den of temptation that is Paperchase, sure that as we are half way through January they would have reduced their diaries like the other shops. No chance. I did get a cute owl one but it was the full price. Not content with charging me a whacking £4 for this little cutie, by the time I got to the till, I found a few little valentine themed things in my hands.

The paper I spotted right away - gorgeous bright pearly pink with to die for flock velvet hearts on - yum. Then the stickers, I just love all their stickers so I had to add those to my collection. Finally as I was leaving I saw the cute little felt bag and that jumped into my arms as well. At the moment it has the copic pens in that don't fit my storage box. There was another bag too, slightly bigger, with a little bird and hearts on which I was very tempted by but a little sense prevailed and it got left behind.

I have some ideas for cards, and maybe a notebook or two with the paper, so watch this space for more luvved up stuff.


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Wednesday again!

No snow piccies this week. We did have snow again today, but it didnt settle thank goodness.
This week I have actually managed to do some scrapping for me. It seems ages since I did, though I'm sure it isnt really. Anyway I was at the Craft Obsessions crop on Saturday and did the first LO which was from a sketch which was handed out at the crop and formed a little competition (which I didnt win). The photo is my sister and her two youngest, the paper is Bo Bunny I think.

The 2nd LO was one I wanted to do for a while. Its a record of things I'm currently interested in and what I hope will happen this year, all cunningly hidden so you cant read them (cos some are a little personal). To read them you pull either end of the slidy thing so they appear in the window.

The little piccies down the LHS kind of illustrate some of the things, and the other bits are K&CO stickers and alphabet, and some flowers I've had for ages. The paper is Bo Bunny Flutter Butter stuck on some Bazzill.

But this is my desk tonight. The LOs are on it still, while I decide if I want to add anything else (or more likely cos I havent an album to put them in just now), and there's a little blue and white baby card there for a chap at work who became a Daddy again at the weekend.

The big black plate-like thing on top of the printer, is a hat my friend made me. Every February three of us girls go to a costume ball, and every year she spends ages making all our outfits and as milinery is her thing, she always works a hat into it. This years is black cinamay and silk and I have it early as I have to decorate it. I'll show you more when I've done it.


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I forgot it was Wednesday!

It must be the snow and the disturbed working days/hours we've had since we went back last week, but I dont know what day of the week it is and I only just realised its Wednesday! How mad is that?!

So this is my desk this evening. The usual mess of copic pens. Some new goodies from Kraft Krazy in Tidworth - yummy little Papermania buttons and some Kanban stamps which I am playing with for a class.

Also, here is this weeks snow piccie. It looks very pretty at work as you can see, I should have taken another today cos it looks even prettier now as more fell last night, this one was taken on Monday (I think) after last weeks snowy deluge. Getting to work has never been so exciting!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

12 Daves of Christmas

I just wanted to show you this card, cos I like it so much, before Christmas is too far behind us, and I'll have forgotten about it by the end of the year! Forgive the rubbish photo it was taken on my mobile.

It started off last Christmas, I saw something someone had done with 12 pictures of famous Dave's and the title the 12 Daves of Christmas. Well my brother is called David and I thought it would make a fun card. It may have been a card originally I can't remember. So I hunted on the internet and found 12 tiny piccies of famous Daves that he would have heard of and made a card with them all on.

A year later, and he asked me to make one for his girlfriend with 12 pix of him instead. Remembering how tiny and fiddly the one I made him was, I made it 12x12. The numbers were cut on my cricut, from red card and then highlighted with stickles. The title is inside the card also cut with the cricut, and I drew mistletoe on the front using green and crystal stickles.

Now I need to come up with a new version of the 12 Daves of Christmas for this year!


Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Happy New Year

I know it was a few days ago now, but its the first opportunity I've had to update my blog.

Thanks to a snowdy day here, I am working from home. I tried really hard to get to work, in fact I made it all the way there, but the roads on camp were so bad, and the snow was getting worse, and no one else had made it in, so I came home again. The roads going home were much worse and just treacherous in places so I am glad I didnt leave it it any later as it hasn't stopped snowing since.

It seems quite decadent to be sitting cosily on the settee, updating files with a tin of biccies by my side and the tv on in the background (which is what I was doing before I came upstairs to the pc).

2 piccies to day, to celebrate my first blog of the NY. One above is a WOYWW - and as well as the usual mess you can see some lovely flowers I got from Wild Orchid Crafts, my diary from last year with this years crops, classes etc written in and some brand new not on the internet yet digistamps-to-be that I am playing with.
The one below is the view from the office window, looking across the shed roof to the back garden.

I hope wherever you are that you are warm and cosy and hiding from the snow if you have it.