Saturday, 23 January 2010

Dear diary

I had to buy a new diary today. I dont usually bother, but I know my lack of such an item bothers the other Scraplady, and I did double book myself one Saturday when I'd rather not - so diary keeping it is.

So I ventured into the den of temptation that is Paperchase, sure that as we are half way through January they would have reduced their diaries like the other shops. No chance. I did get a cute owl one but it was the full price. Not content with charging me a whacking £4 for this little cutie, by the time I got to the till, I found a few little valentine themed things in my hands.

The paper I spotted right away - gorgeous bright pearly pink with to die for flock velvet hearts on - yum. Then the stickers, I just love all their stickers so I had to add those to my collection. Finally as I was leaving I saw the cute little felt bag and that jumped into my arms as well. At the moment it has the copic pens in that don't fit my storage box. There was another bag too, slightly bigger, with a little bird and hearts on which I was very tempted by but a little sense prevailed and it got left behind.

I have some ideas for cards, and maybe a notebook or two with the paper, so watch this space for more luvved up stuff.



Julia Dunnit

Lovely...and how strong you were my friend!


Very strong indeed. Yummy buys.


I don't normally get too excited over scrapbooking stuff as you know but... I'm on my way to steal those flock hearts. They are so pretty. Actually that design would look wonderful as fabric. :)


How could you not buy from Paperchase LOL.... oohhh it's all just so scrummy in there. Although I'm impressed that you didn't buy the other bag too .... maybe your next visit LOL

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