Thursday, 7 January 2010

12 Daves of Christmas

I just wanted to show you this card, cos I like it so much, before Christmas is too far behind us, and I'll have forgotten about it by the end of the year! Forgive the rubbish photo it was taken on my mobile.

It started off last Christmas, I saw something someone had done with 12 pictures of famous Dave's and the title the 12 Daves of Christmas. Well my brother is called David and I thought it would make a fun card. It may have been a card originally I can't remember. So I hunted on the internet and found 12 tiny piccies of famous Daves that he would have heard of and made a card with them all on.

A year later, and he asked me to make one for his girlfriend with 12 pix of him instead. Remembering how tiny and fiddly the one I made him was, I made it 12x12. The numbers were cut on my cricut, from red card and then highlighted with stickles. The title is inside the card also cut with the cricut, and I drew mistletoe on the front using green and crystal stickles.

Now I need to come up with a new version of the 12 Daves of Christmas for this year!




That is just pure brilliance :D I'm almost gutted I don't know any Daves!

Julia Dunnit

Genius. Must try to match my name with a good saying! Of course, now you've told the whole interweb, you MUST find a new version!


That really turned out great. I love the sparkly mistletoe.

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