Saturday, 21 March 2009

Happy Mothers' Day to all those Mummies out there.

Here are a few ideas for those of you who may be looking for last minute ideas.

1. Is a card I made for a commission, who specifically wanted a picture of lilac on it. I found this on a free image website, printed it out twice and layered it up with foam pads. The background and circular message was made on the PC in Word.

2. Was done using my Cricut with the Wild Card cartridge and Design Studio to weld the frame and Happy Mothers Day message together. Then I cut some flowers (cant remember which cart) and a butterfly and its shadow from the Home Accents cart. The flower and butterly both have a layered look and are 3D.

3. Was a rose from the same image website as before, done the same way with foam pads. The background and circular message are the same. The rose was stuck onto a piece of home made silk paper which I found in my stash.

4. Was just a simple little card. A circular message stuck onto a couple of girant purple Heidi Swapp flowers, little gem hearts are stuck in the corner, and the edge is punched before sticking onto the base card.

I see a repetitive theme here, think I may have a thing for purple?

Friday, 20 March 2009

and the answer is.... you get rid of a load of it and you put the rest in a cupboard!

Well the re-furb is done. The friends are wonderful and I owe them biggest big time ever.

This I am ashamed to say is the scraphovel before the refit. As you can see it was rightly called the hovel. There was barely room to swing a cat, let alone have me and three kids in there scrapping (which happens when the nephew and neices come over).

Mon to Wed. - P and K cleared my room while I was at work.
Thursday - Lil' brov and I brought the flooring and paint stuff and generally took advantage of his staff discount at the DIY store. Then K and I painted.
Friday - P laid the laminate flooring.
Saturday - day off I was at the theatre (which I'll tell you about later)
Sunday - Lil' bruv and I went to Ikea to buy desks, got home and found we had the wrong legs!
Monday - Go to Ikea with K and get the legs changed, buy another unit and a couple of funky things to go on the walls. Put the legs on the desks and get PC up and working again. Yay!
Tuesday - K comes round to help build units, but does most of it cos she is a hero, and I feel crappy.
Wednesday - Start putting stuff back into the former scraphovel, oh look I have a bedroom floor!
Thursday - Finish clearing bedroom, can't clear everything out of the landing cupboard as I seem to have less storage now. Get everything in and straight-ish
Friday - Yay get to play! Have lost my voice with the aforementioned crappyness.

There is still sorting to be done, but that can happen gradually when I feel like it. Everything is up and working again though. I love P & K and Lil' bruv.

Here is the end result. Isn't it lovely?

Now I can sit in my beautiful ex-scraphovel, and create some lovely things to show you all.


Sunday, 8 March 2009

Well the crop came and went, and so did another one. I did make a couple of LOs but mostly made Mothers' Day cards. So where are the piccies I hear you cry? Well the camera has them but the camera and half my scraphovel is currently in bags and boxes around the house. My very dear bestest friend (give me 10/10 for grovelling) is coming to pack the rest up for me over the next couple of days.

Then.... insert drum roll.....

We are finally going to paint this baby, maybe re-cover the flooring (which it really needs) and get some new furniture. So hopefully by the time I get to blog again, I will be able to show you the before and after photos.

Trouble is, how do you get so much cr*p into such a small room (its only 2 x 3.5 meters) without it looking like it does now?!