Friday, 20 March 2009

and the answer is.... you get rid of a load of it and you put the rest in a cupboard!

Well the re-furb is done. The friends are wonderful and I owe them biggest big time ever.

This I am ashamed to say is the scraphovel before the refit. As you can see it was rightly called the hovel. There was barely room to swing a cat, let alone have me and three kids in there scrapping (which happens when the nephew and neices come over).

Mon to Wed. - P and K cleared my room while I was at work.
Thursday - Lil' brov and I brought the flooring and paint stuff and generally took advantage of his staff discount at the DIY store. Then K and I painted.
Friday - P laid the laminate flooring.
Saturday - day off I was at the theatre (which I'll tell you about later)
Sunday - Lil' bruv and I went to Ikea to buy desks, got home and found we had the wrong legs!
Monday - Go to Ikea with K and get the legs changed, buy another unit and a couple of funky things to go on the walls. Put the legs on the desks and get PC up and working again. Yay!
Tuesday - K comes round to help build units, but does most of it cos she is a hero, and I feel crappy.
Wednesday - Start putting stuff back into the former scraphovel, oh look I have a bedroom floor!
Thursday - Finish clearing bedroom, can't clear everything out of the landing cupboard as I seem to have less storage now. Get everything in and straight-ish
Friday - Yay get to play! Have lost my voice with the aforementioned crappyness.

There is still sorting to be done, but that can happen gradually when I feel like it. Everything is up and working again though. I love P & K and Lil' bruv.

Here is the end result. Isn't it lovely?

Now I can sit in my beautiful ex-scraphovel, and create some lovely things to show you all.



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