Wednesday, 11 November 2009

WOYWW - Just a ribbon or two!

Last weekend I went to the NEC and had a fab time, this weeks WOYWW shows the tanlge of ribbons I bought while I was there. I went hoping to get some Christmassy coloured ribbons since a couple of the cards I've conjured up for the 2SL card Marathon need them, but I seemed to find a lot of others jumping into my bag.
If you squint really hard, the out of focus (hey its meant to be, its called depth of field) in the foreground is one of the cards for the marathon. Its coppery and lovely and I might have to make a few for myself.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Well it was on the table while I took these photos honest! Now its perched on the little shelf over my desk, probably plotting when it will jump off and crown me :-)

All fired up from our Magnetic Year in a Day class over on 2SL I was a little down that I wouldnt get to use said calendar till next year, so I came up with this advent version I can use in December.

The green trees are brads (hiding the magnets) everything else was cut on my trusty Cricut (which after last week I am amazed is still working) the papers are My Minds Eye.

O and the little bag on the side holds the other number trees.