Wednesday, 30 September 2009

WOYWW - again!

Goodness this week has gone quickly. My desk as you can see is still a mess only this time you may detect a distinctly christmassy feel to it.

The foot is pretty much totally better, thanks to some pretty major antibiotics, some medicinal cake from my friend and a few days off work. Last of the antib's taken tonight and hopefully thats it gone.

Taught my first proper paid class on Saturday, at the notsolocaltomecraftshop - thanks everyone who came, hope you all enjoyed it. I am looking forward to doing some more if I can conjure up stuff I think people will like.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Lots of stuff on my desk at the moment, this is just a smidgeon of it. I have piles for the copic class I am teaching on Saturday. There's cut out and coloured in digi stamps (hopefully for a future class) and scraps, and a load of Cricut carts I need to put away. Basically I need to have a tidy up.

But I think I will sit here, with my foot up (still waiting for RUB to come out with a padded lid) and a cold drink and surf the net for a bit.
Update on the boring entry re: my foot. It was lots worse so I saw the doc today, who was surprisingly lovely. She thinks I have an infection so I have horsepill antibiotics and have to stay off it for the rest of the week - oh what a shame!


Sunday, 20 September 2009


Woke up yesterday morning and my ankle hurt. Didn't think much more of it till half way round the shops when it became painful, which grew as the day went on. I put it down to sitting at the 'puter too late Friday night cos I know I sit with my feet all scrunched up like you're not 'sposed to.

Which brings us to today. I am slathered in ibuprofen gel, the really useful box under the desk is a footstool (a new marketing line for them - cushioned tops - big seller!) and the ankle is worse. Walking at work tomorrow could be interesting!

So I am consoling myself with colouring in samples for my copic class next week and have the following piece of paper in front of me to do a LO for 2SL. I have a bar of choccy to hand, and a glass of juice. So luckily I have no need to try and go anywhere for an hour or two.

Friday, 18 September 2009


I hit the 1000 mark (if you ignore the 11000 that was mysteriously added)!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Scrapping in the dark ages!

I made a LO this weekend, for the notsosecret project I have going on over here, and have used some skeleton leaves!

So what you say?

Well I never used them before. They have been around forever, I've seen a million of them in the shops and gave them a good ignoring cos I just hated the stupid things. Well a friend gave me a couple in a birthday gift swap and they sat on my desk making me feel guilty until this weekend. Not only do they look fab and lovely on the LO, but I am forced to think they may not be as bad as I first thought.

Gosh at this rate I might use eyelets next, now that would be just plain scarey!

If you want to see the offending items, go check out the link above.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Confused and Trying something new!

The two aren't related other than I am blogging about them both!

Since I discovered (thanks to Mrs Dunnit) that I could see how many people looked at my blog rather than commenting on it I have kept a record of how many look each week. Its a bit sad I know, but a little gratifying that some people do appear to look at my blog. Wednesday being WOYWW and so a regular day to post, I also check my number and make a little record. Last Wed I was looking forward to hiting my first thousand soon, today I have aquired 11000 hits! Now I'd like to think that 11000 people have looked in the past few days but I seriously doubt it, so do I have a weird stalker who has just been viewing my blog continuously this week or is there an error or??? Answers on a postcard please.
And now the new. In an effort to find new and exciting ways to tempt the ladies who are signing up for 2SL I tried a technique which is new to me. Stitching. I like it, and given my vaguely obsessive nature with new techniques and things (cast your minds or viewers back to the alliums) I just might be doing bit more in the future.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Sparkly WOYWW

I am a sucker for many of the latest trends in scrapbooking. Sadly many of them are little used or not as often as would make their cost worthwhile . The Xyron printer thingy for example sits in its squashed frog coloured bag, unused and pretty much unloved, its cost a faint memory on my melted credit card.

However, this weeks new must-have (for me anyway) is a mere fraction of the price of the above and I think will feature heavily in my Christmas cards, and in the project for 2 scrapladies if I can (but don't hold me to it).

It is a limited edition glimmer mist, and while its predecessors didnt do anything for me, this one is just gorgeous. Its called marshmallow (no its not white and puffy) and is the sparkly loveliness I wanted the other colours in the series to be.

The piccie above was done on a scrap of black card. I made a mask cut to resemble mountains and sprayed the glimmer mist on. It did go a little splodgy but hey it was my first go. I then took off the mask and hey presto! Then I cut the moon from the sparkliest bit of the mask and stuck it on. In future I think I will spray in a box of something though, the rest of the desk was a little sparkly afterwards.