Sunday, 13 September 2009

Confused and Trying something new!

The two aren't related other than I am blogging about them both!

Since I discovered (thanks to Mrs Dunnit) that I could see how many people looked at my blog rather than commenting on it I have kept a record of how many look each week. Its a bit sad I know, but a little gratifying that some people do appear to look at my blog. Wednesday being WOYWW and so a regular day to post, I also check my number and make a little record. Last Wed I was looking forward to hiting my first thousand soon, today I have aquired 11000 hits! Now I'd like to think that 11000 people have looked in the past few days but I seriously doubt it, so do I have a weird stalker who has just been viewing my blog continuously this week or is there an error or??? Answers on a postcard please.
And now the new. In an effort to find new and exciting ways to tempt the ladies who are signing up for 2SL I tried a technique which is new to me. Stitching. I like it, and given my vaguely obsessive nature with new techniques and things (cast your minds or viewers back to the alliums) I just might be doing bit more in the future.


Julia Dunnit

Nothing vague about your obsessions!!

Linda Elbourne

Hi Ally - as of Friday night I had 58000 some odd visitors and on Saturday morning I had 11000 ... don't know what happened ... but it did! Like you I keep a track of my visitors so I just reset to the last number of visitors I could remember being at ... I should keep a record for a little while ... just in case there are any more gremlins!


Do you know what else is cool? Seeing where in the world people are watching and what blogs they have come from, even what search terms they have entered to find your blog. Oh yeah, I'm obsessive too and a bit of an anorak it seems ;) You really MUST get a feedjit widget, it's free and you can do all of the above. It's so interesting.


I must find out how to do this, too. Love from one of your regular visitors (but not a stalker, honest!).

voodoo vixen

If you are sad, then so are a lot of us... I love knowing who has been popping along to visit me and where they are from... and I am extra sad as I actually paid money for one of my tracking widgets because it had pretty world maps and things!! ;)

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