Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Sparkly WOYWW

I am a sucker for many of the latest trends in scrapbooking. Sadly many of them are little used or not as often as would make their cost worthwhile . The Xyron printer thingy for example sits in its squashed frog coloured bag, unused and pretty much unloved, its cost a faint memory on my melted credit card.

However, this weeks new must-have (for me anyway) is a mere fraction of the price of the above and I think will feature heavily in my Christmas cards, and in the project for 2 scrapladies if I can (but don't hold me to it).

It is a limited edition glimmer mist, and while its predecessors didnt do anything for me, this one is just gorgeous. Its called marshmallow (no its not white and puffy) and is the sparkly loveliness I wanted the other colours in the series to be.

The piccie above was done on a scrap of black card. I made a mask cut to resemble mountains and sprayed the glimmer mist on. It did go a little splodgy but hey it was my first go. I then took off the mask and hey presto! Then I cut the moon from the sparkliest bit of the mask and stuck it on. In future I think I will spray in a box of something though, the rest of the desk was a little sparkly afterwards.



Linda Elbourne

I love a bit of sparkle too!

Julia Dunnit

Oh it's a gorgeous one alright...I'm sure all the scrap ladies will love it. You're very inventive, Cricut Queen.


Mmmmm might have to add this to my need


A sparkly desk, sounds good LOL. I know what you mean ... I have a sparkly desk too, and a sparkly carpet, sparkly clothes and a sparkly cat LOL!


Oooh I want Glimmer Mist.

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