Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Wednesday again!

No snow piccies this week. We did have snow again today, but it didnt settle thank goodness.
This week I have actually managed to do some scrapping for me. It seems ages since I did, though I'm sure it isnt really. Anyway I was at the Craft Obsessions crop on Saturday and did the first LO which was from a sketch which was handed out at the crop and formed a little competition (which I didnt win). The photo is my sister and her two youngest, the paper is Bo Bunny I think.

The 2nd LO was one I wanted to do for a while. Its a record of things I'm currently interested in and what I hope will happen this year, all cunningly hidden so you cant read them (cos some are a little personal). To read them you pull either end of the slidy thing so they appear in the window.

The little piccies down the LHS kind of illustrate some of the things, and the other bits are K&CO stickers and alphabet, and some flowers I've had for ages. The paper is Bo Bunny Flutter Butter stuck on some Bazzill.

But this is my desk tonight. The LOs are on it still, while I decide if I want to add anything else (or more likely cos I havent an album to put them in just now), and there's a little blue and white baby card there for a chap at work who became a Daddy again at the weekend.

The big black plate-like thing on top of the printer, is a hat my friend made me. Every February three of us girls go to a costume ball, and every year she spends ages making all our outfits and as milinery is her thing, she always works a hat into it. This years is black cinamay and silk and I have it early as I have to decorate it. I'll show you more when I've done it.



Susie Sugar

Come on now show us a bit more than that darling !! what are you hiding ?? are there big boxes of chocs just out of shot that you don't want to share ? he he next week use the wide angle lense be brave show us the lot !! lol
Hugs Susie xx

Julia Dunnit

Oh lovely LOs Ally, really nice....the photo you took of your sister and two is just great, beautifully planned (if that's the word). Your desk as usual, looks organised to me. I see you have John at hand!


GLEEEEEEEEEEEE! You've been sucked in too have you? ;)

Love the lo with the hidden list. Very, very clever :o)


I'm with Susie Sugar :-) We can't see half enough and your space appears far too tidy to me :-) We want more....pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
A x


Love your colour charts, that's a great idea, and love, love, love the whoe idea of dressing up with hats an' all! Show us it when it's done.


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