Wednesday, 21 April 2010

WOYWTW - not much!

A distinct lack of work on the table this week. Though as this is the area I have been reduced to working in, its just as well - I need to tidy BADLY!

So this evening, on the conveyor belt we have, a nice pair of stamps borrowed from the lovely Mrs Dunnit, when I had lunch with her today, and a long strip of card painted with various ratios of water:PVA glue.

Over here is a different view, one you dont normally see - the other end of the Scraphovel. Here stands, my Ikea Expedit, and another Ikea unit that hold my books, my tools, and all sorts of bits and bobs, along with a drawer each for my sisters kids to rummage in when they come over.

Work has been weird this week. I work on an airfield so we have had no flying going on (and still dont tho it seems everyone else is), but there have been long lunches and early finishes all of which have completely wiped out any time in lieu I had built up. Still at least I'm not stuck somewhere at the end of a holiday or on business, with no money left and an unexpected hotel bill to add on.

The dairy free diet is going ok. The rice dream is quite nice, if REALLY sweet on cereal, however I have failed a bit since I have had cheese twice and some chocolate. O well I'll try harder next week.



Julia Dunnit

Hmm, liking the expedit shot - man that;s alorra bits and bobs!


oh my goodness, you do have a lot of shelves wit some lovely stuff, ( i should think) PVA glue on the card...hmmm, to..... act as a fly catcher maybe?


You have some wonderful things to play with - I don't think I could give up chocolate! You must be super-human!

Sue from Oregon

love those sliding bins in your crafty area. Good luck this week being dairy free!


You have just solved a problem for me and I am kicking myself for not coming up with the answer myself.... Yep I sound demented and you are wondering what i am talking about. Years ago I used a PVA mix to cover Victorian style decopage. I wanted to do something simiar recently but has forgotten the proportions so I guessed but it stayed sort of sticky ...tried again but still sticky ,so I gave up ....never thought to do a test strip with all the proportions ... doh.xx
ps ..I thought I'd finished WOYWW ...but you snuck in

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

Your desk may be a mess (or so you say), but your storage units are very orderly and organized. Since I'm new to this collaboration, I hope to see the entire layout one of these times.

It's always best, if it's something important, to make some test strips. Love that you even test PVA:H2O ratios. I hope you return to normal hours soon. That will mean your air quality has improved. Here in the States, we've been far more lucky, but that could change with any big breeze (grin) or another volcano eruption (not a grin).

Sorry I'm so late getting here this week. It's been a busy one at my blog. Hope you had a lovely WOYWW.


fabulous stamps, can't wait to see what you did with them! have a great weekend, hugs Debx


Ah, thought you'd sneak in when no-one was looking, did you! love your units - I have to get to Ikea I'm thinking....


Ah, good old Ikea.... again! Love that the Cuttlebug is poised and ready for action at the drop of a hat!




I love those units!!! only wish I had space for them


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