Thursday, 15 April 2010

WOYWW - in the right place at last!

Hooray it let me post pics this week!

This is my desk earlier this evening. Pretty much as I had it last week but theres a nice card in front of the clock instead of the pretty packet of ink pads. They have been long opened, added to and in fact I used one of the new colours I bought to make this card.

There's my pie phone (as its been nicknamed) being charged - goodness the battery life on them is rubbish but i still love it, and the usual pile of stamps, ink pads, glue runners and other tools on the left.

Here's a close up of the card above. Its based on a christmas card scraplady Julia made for the christmas card marathon last year, using a spray stamp - hopefully she can clarify its name cos I cant tell which is the name and which the maker from mine. It has some gems and dew drops stuck on it and its attached to the base card (Crate Paper) with a piece of ribbon. I used Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Broken China.

The other card is made using a photo of the Arc de Triomphe that I took a few years back. I posterised it and made it black and white and probably tweaked the brightness in photoshop. Then I printed it on cream card and smudged some chalk inks on it. I triple mounted it on some lemon, orange and lime card. The background was made using a french text stamp which I randomly inked so some parts are darker and more solidly stamped than others. Then I smudged just a little ink over that too, and finally stuck the mounted image on and inked round the edge.

I love both these cards, and think I might be turning out lots more like them.

On a non crafty note, think of me this week (and for as long as I can last) as I start on a nearly dairy free diet. I say nearly cos I just can't not eat butter on bread, but since I only have it about once a week I recon that might be ok, and I cant decide if eggs count or not. Its the daily yoghourts, milk on cereal etc I'll miss. So tomorrow morning I shall start the day with a bowl of cereal and terribly sweet but quite palatable rice milk. Of course in the meantime I just have to finish this big bar of chocolate cos it would be a waste to throw it away.

O dont worry its purely a mild intolerance thing that I am trying this out on. No weight will be lost in the taking of this diet, and nothing terrible will happen if I cant put up with it.

Have a fun and crafty week!

PS Obviously the thought of this diet or the overdose of chocolate made me post this on the 2SL blog instead! Sorry!



Absolutely love those two pieces of art ... beautiful cards.

What actually is your body intolerent to??? Is it Lactose??? then Eggs are fine. DD partner is lactose intolerant...yogarts and full fat milk make her really ill ( she uses tesco value soya) other things like fromage frais,she can eat a tiny amount of occaisionally. Chocolate and Icecream seems to be fine. I would clear the system and then work out what causes the worst problems and what seems to have no affect ... when re introduced good luck xx

Julia Dunnit

Ugh Ally, good luck with that gal. Will get organic goat milk in for ya or summat!!
LOVE the cards - they truly are fabby. And the stamp is by Magenta, have no clue as to the name, when I bought mine they didn't name'em, just a stupid long number!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

Your cards are divine. I'm not big into card making, but these would make me happy if I could get them to look this good. You are one super crafter.

Sorry I'm so late visiting, and on my first ever WOYWW, too. I am really glad I found your blog. It has been fun snooping around your beautiful and well lit desk.


Gorgeous cards, Ally! I just *love* the one on the right -- the effects are so beautiful. You're such an artist! Best of luck on the diet. Years ago, before things like rice milk were available, we had our own Allison on a dairy-free diet for quite some time. It wasn't easy, but she actually came to like orange juice on her cereal. ;)


oohoooo butter on toast and crumpets ~~~~~yum, sorry where was I??

Oh, lovely cards, just brilliant!! great crafty space...sorry I'm late in commenting...I was eating toast...with butter...and marmalade


Beautiful cards Ally, really love the blue one, so simple but stunning. The Paris one is great too, came out like an old vintage photo. Good luck with the dairy thing, I have a mild dairy intolerance too, eggs are ok, my husband thought they weren't but I asked him when was the last time he saw a cow lay an egg???? I use organic unsweetened non GMO soy milk for cooking and cereals, hot chocolate etc, but I do love butter too and won't be giving that up!!



Good luck with that Ali, I couldn't live without milk in my cuppa or my blue cheese. Ummm blue cheese.

Gorgeous cards, especially love the blue toned one.


Lovely cards. And quite a stash of cutting mats stacked there!

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