Sunday, 18 April 2010

A yummy, smelly fab weekend

Yummy - cos I have Krispy Kreme Donuts and pretty cupcakes and I had Cannolli's for the first time in oh at least 5 years.
Smelly - cos I got some goodies from Lush and also from BPAL

For the uninitiated:

Lush - a fab shop selling gorgeous smelly bath stuff and some cosmetic type stuff too, they have a range of shops and also mail order.
BPAL - Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs - sell collections of perfumed oils.
Krispy Kreme Donuts - An American chain that sell the most lovely donuts - especially the chocolate cake one!
Cannollis - Pastry tubes filled with creamy filling or nutella-type-stuff. The tubes are fried and so crispy and melty and lovely - I cant really describe them, go do a google and see.

Thanks to the volcano and ban on flying I got off work early Friday and popped into the French market in town on the way home, were I found the cannollis - happy bunny!
Then yesterday I spent the day out with one of my best friends, which we hardly ever get to do. In Southampton we got too many nice cakes as along with the donut shop we found a very pretty cupcake stand, and stuff from Lush. Back at her house, she had some new perfumed oils from BPAL so we spent the evening sniffing those and then she kindly sent (scent:-D) me home with some.

So my desk is scattered with crumbs and my office smells lovely.

Note: Don't sniff bath bombs too hard, they are powdery and it hurts when it goes up your nose.
I wonder how diary free Krispy Kremes are!




This is torture ...there are no KKD's up here .... so will everyone PLEASE stop talking about them lol

Julia Dunnit

Well I agree with Angie, as it's probably gong tobe forever till I go to SOuthampton again, please do not mention the donuts again!! Hmm, am now considering some cupcake baking. Glad you had such a good day.


Imagining you snorting Lush products now. They can ban you if noot arrest you for that you know! LOL!

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