Friday, 30 October 2009

Cute little house

Isnt this cute?

A couple of weeks ago I got the new Cricut Cartridge Winter Woodland, which has a few yummy christmassy things on. Well I got otherwise distracted by a calendar class I am doing tomorrow, and so only got to play with it yesterday evening.

On the cart are a few 3d buildings. You make up the outer in one colour, the liner in another and slot it inside. Well with it being halloween I thought I would just make the outer and line it with tissue paper and put a tea light in.

Well, its very tiny - only about 3" at the longest bit, and so no one is going to see it if I sit it on the windowsill. So, I think a very big piece of card, and the 12x24" mat is called for and I'll try another version for Christmas.

So watch this space....

O and for those of you who are coming to the class, dont worry the car is all packed up!



Julia Dunnit

Does that apply to me too? My car isn't packed up..I'm in here faffing!!

LOVE the house..please tell me it's not a nekked flame in a 3" high paper house????


Julia beat me too it.
I trust that is a battery operated tea light. x


Well, I was coming to ensure it wasn't a proper tea light too.
Fab class today Ally, thanks.


Nah don't listen to them - live dangerously ;)

Dont know how I missed this one - so cute. I can't see if you have decorated the outside but if not - are you going to?

It was lovely meeting you yesterday Ally. Hope to come to more if you'll have me.(not the card one - I think you are all bonkers on that one)

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