Tuesday, 26 May 2009

What A Week!

I'm sorry I haven posted for ages, no excuse just nothing of interest to say. This past week however.....

Last Tuesday was my birthday. I took the day off work, and my brother took me to Ikea where we got the little picture ledges I had hankered after to finish off my office refurb. He then spent the rest of the day drilling holes in our walls, since I wanted 2 of the ledges on an exterior wall. Several hours and drill bits later, I think you will agree it was worth it.

Wednesday was eldest Neices birthday and as she was turning into a teenager this was a bit of an occassion for her. For me however, it was overshadowed by announcements of the new astronauts for the European Space Agency. A couple of colleagues applied for this last May, and on Wednesday lunchtime it was confirmed that Tim Peake had been selected. Needless to say everyone at work was hugely pleased, excited and proud of him.

Thursday night was a sqn dinner, and incidentally Tim's leaving dinner - along with two other pilots who leave shortly. At one point we didnt know if he would make it back in time, since he was still doing interviews that morning, but he did and a good time was had by all.

Friday - a day off work, and I met up with Mrs Dunnit for lunch and plotting of crafty things hopefully to come.

Saturday - one of my monthly crops, a fab day out, even got some LO's done.

Sunday - 2nd best day of the week. My friends took me to see John Barrowman at the POrtsmouth Guildhall. OMG this man is an all round entertainer. What a fab show. Seeing lots of other camera flashes going off I got my camera out and took one or two photos (ok rather a lot more than that). Then when I was about leave I got stopped and asked for my camera. The chap wanted to look at them to check there was nothing 'dodgy' (not sure what show he thought was on) or anything I could sell. Having assured himself I wasnt paparazzi, he let me go with my memory card intact.
So if you want to take pix at the Portsmouth Guildhall, dont take a great big SLR.


Julia Dunnit

Wow! Fab Barrowman photos! You're right, sounds like a fab week and bless your blog it sounding easier than it really was methinks!


these are amazing photos hun, feel free to look thru my blog and copy anything you like xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Lovely shelves, Ally. Lovely JB too, swoon.


Ooh really good photos tho - worth the frisking ;)

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