Saturday, 13 August 2011

Want a party, but don't have the room?

Don't know that many people who would be interested?

Too busy to have one?

Still want to take advantage of the great new benefits of being a hostess?

Why not join my Stampers 6 Club which will start in October with the launch of the new Catalogue?

So what is a Stampers 6?

Its basically a party without having to hold the party.

6 of you join the group and commit to spend at least £25 a month (plus a small contribution to the p&p) for 6 months. That is a total of £150 which is the minimum a party needs to order so that the hostess qualifies for the benefits.

Each month one of the members is the hostess and so gets the hostess benefits for that month.

From the 1st of October the hostess benefit system is changing so that the hostess will be paid in 'hostess pounds' that can be used to purchase either exclusive hostess items or other catalogue items, so that's even better value than at present.

As part of the club you will receive a free Stampin Up catalogue (worth £5.95) at the start, plus any further mini catalogues that might appear during the length of the club. You will of course benefit from any other offers Stampin' Up! may make.

In addition, as a reward for sticking with it :-) Everyone taking part in the full length of the club term will receive a small gift at the end.

If you would like to sign up, or get more information please email me - (cos I don't think the link is working)



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