Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Its supposed to be WOYWW!

Ok I thought I would try a blog entry brought to you entirely from my new Iphone.

Turns out the automated spell checker thinks WOYWW is something totally different but equally meaningless (to the uninitiated cos we all know what WOYSS means) - SOUZA was one of the options?!

Even my little but chubby fingers make some interesting typos on the keyboard with the predictive text making some interesting and randome suggestions - hence any weird typose.

It doenst let me insert piccies that are on my Iphone - unless you know different, in whcih case please tell me.

It doesnt tell me I am posting on the wrong blog either whcih is a pain when you type all this out, pot it only to find its on the 2 scrapladies one. So I've had to go and delete it from that, cos I can copy and paste it either.

So I am now on my PC re-doing all my well I'd like to say hard work but its not, and putting in the photo, whcih thanks to my new baby's camera is a wider angle of the same old mess.

Blogging aside, I am loving it though.


This weeks disclaimer: I have a bad cold, my brain is not working and re-reading this neither are my fingers aparently. Cant even blame the iphone keyboard for it. O did I tell you I have a new Iphone!



oh well, you got it there in the end! Better luck next time.


Ah, technology. Infuriating isn't it!! Love the hat in the other post btw, I think it was worth all the gems and the stickles!


Julia Dunnit

A new phone you say? Well, I never!!!!!!
New bins, ainkillers and that it. YOu keep a tidy desk don't you Scrap Lady AllY!


wow i love your iphone post - how fun!!!

Linda Elbourne

Love your discalimer ... it made me laugh it did :0)

Paula Gale

you have an iPhone - that there Julia Dunnit has one too (I think she may have mentioned it)!!!

Paula x x x


I cant keep up with technology ...still have problems with a basic mobile lol


New iphone and a cold? Think I'd need a very clear head to attempt to use one of those :-)
A x


I can't do predictive for the life of me, have to disable it or hurt the phone.

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