Wednesday, 10 February 2010


No I didnt mistype the header, this is a what WAS on your desk wednesday post.

As I promised I would, this is the hat that my friend B made me for part of the costume ball we are going to on Saturday night, and which I decorated, going ever so slightly mad with a set of battery lights, my entire stock of stick on crystals and a tube of stickles, its all packed up ready to go tomorrow now though - hence the was. Incidentally B is a trained miliner and lives in the south of England should anyone need a fab hat.

Then this is the rest of my desk, which isnt normally shown much on wednesdays. Its right in front of the window which is nice. Theres my daylight lamp, my inks, and a tub that I stick cards in that I've made and at the moment pretty much anything else that I need t keep. Then in the corner to the left is my tool bag with all my pens and scissors and glue pens and stuff in ready to grab for crops. Above that you can see one of the little shelves I have for my cricut cartriges.

Its all really untidy at the moment but I've been busy getting ready for the ball.



Julia Dunnit

Don't look that untidy to me! The hat is awesome..truly a fab hat anyway, but decorated like that - amazing! HAve the funnest time.


Gorgeous hat - wow. And handy to have in a power cut ;)

You call THAT untidy? Ha! I laugh in the face of your tidy untidiness ;)

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