Tuesday, 7 July 2009

More flowers!

Still not bored with these. When I was making the roses I kept thinking how if I just used 2 layers of petals it would look like a lilly - maybe.

Well it does! Well I think so.

Cut 2 of the flowers (accent24s) on the Accent Essentials cricut cart. Use coloured card, or ink a white one if you want (I did one plain one inked pink).
Cut one petal out on one flower, and two petals out on the second flower and stick them (as per Marias blog in the entry below).
Use a cocktail stick or something similar to curl the petals over.
Put some glue inside the larger petal and stick the smaller one inside (no need to trim any off the bottom of the lillies).
Now, cut some really fine shreds of card (quite thick card is good, and the thinner you can cut it the better it will work) for the stamens. Gently curl the stamens.
Make a pool of glue inside the lilly and allow it to partially set before inserting the stamens and allowing it to dry.
Using stickles or something similar make blobs on the end of the stamens. If you want quite large blobs you may need to reapply the glue more than once.

Have fun!